7 Things No One Tells You About Growing Facial Hair

Growing facial hair is a special experience. At first it might seem rather simple: you put down the razor and let the hair grow. But there is much more to it than that. If you have just started growing a beard or moustache or you are planning to, here are some things that you’re supposed to know.

The Itching Stops

If you have just started growing a beard and are suffering from the beard itch, you’ll be glad to know that it will eventually stop. The truth is, beard itch never lasts longer than a month. Itchiness can be caused by skin drying out and coarse facial hair. That’s why it’s important to take care of your beard to keep it healthy and itch-free. If you have a beard that is longer than a stubble, it is recommended to at least use beard oil to moisturise the skin underneath your facial hair.

Beard Oil Is A Must

It will not only stop the itch, but it will also soften your beard and smoothen the skin beneath it. This is important, because it will prevent your skin from drying out. What you should also know about beard oil is that it promotes the hair growth and the new hair will be thicker and fuller.

The Longer the Beard, the Harder it Is to Keep it Looking Good

Let’s just face this fact: facial hair also needs some special care. A lot of men think that growing facial hair means that you can just let it grow and it will just simply look stunning. Well let me tell you- no. And the longer it gets, the harder is to keep it in shape. Thankfully, it’s nothing beard oil and a comb can’t fix. This is where companies like Mo Bro’s come in. We’ll help you tame that wild man-mane of yours with products like oil, balm, wax, wash and combs.

You’ll grow attached to your facial hair

Just like we grow attached to our hair, favourite things, pets or cars, it’s just as easy to get attached to your facial hair. The longer you have a beard or moustache, the more you’ll want to keep it and take care of it. It’s silly, but it just happens naturally. You’ll find yourself buying all kinds of facial hair products and reading grooming blogs for beard tips.

You’ll get attention because of your majestic man mane

Weather you love attention or not, let me tell you that you will stand out more because of your facial hair. There will be people comparing you to celebrities, other bearded fellas giving you bearded nods or asking you for an advice. Best news is that ladies love it!

You’ll Start Checking Out Other Bearded Guys 

No, we don’t mean that growing any facial hair will change your sexual orientation. Once you’ve got a beard you simply appreciate the patience, the care and the sheer artistry involved in creating a truly marvellous piece of facial foliage. 

Eating can be a pain

One of the biggest disadvantages of having growing facial hair is that the longer it grows, the harder it will get to eat simple things like a sandwich. Even drinking something like a beer can be a mess. There are a few things you can do to reduce the mess. For example, you can cut up your burgers into quarters. If you’ve got a long moustache and you like coffee or beer think about getting something like a Moustache Guard.

We hope you liked our little update on what happens when growing facial hair. If you want to find out more then check out some of our blog posts below.

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