8 Benefits Of Having A Beard

If you have a beard, there is no doubt that you should be proud of it. It is not only making you look more masculine, but is also healthy! If anyone ever says to you that having a beard is unsanitary or unattractive, you can prove them wrong by telling them these benefits of having a beard.

Protects From the Sun and Prevents Skin Damage

According to researchers from the University of Southern Queensland, beards can not only protect your skin from sunburn, but also reduce your risk of serious skin damage by blocking up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. So while some of the sun’s rays get through, it’s scattered about and a minimum amount will reach your skin. It is also known that the sun has a negative effect on the skin by making it age faster.

So here is a paradox – a beard can actually make you younger rather than older!

Keeps You Warm In the Winter

One of the benefits of having a beard is during the cold time of the year whereby beards help to keep our faces warm and insulates the face. Probably everybody has experienced the cold weather in the winter and freezing wind biting your face, without having anything to cover it with. However if you have a beard, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as there’s an additional layer of protection.

The longer the beard, the better! That way men with beards have less chance to catch a cold.

Assists Those With Asthma and Reduces Allergies

Beards can also make life easier for men who suffer from asthma. It turns out that facial hair such as beards, moustaches and even nose hair helps prevent pollen and dust from getting into the respiratory system. It works just like a filter and stops the allergens from settling. Because of this it can also ward off throat and lung diseases.

We recommend that if you do have an allergy then please check our ingredients list or contact us to check if our beard grooming products are appropriate for you.

Natural Moisturiser

Another benefit of having a beard is that it actually moisturises the skin. You may not be aware of the fact that your face has its own moisturising regimen, which is called the sebaceous glands. It keeps the skin moisturised by producing a natural oil. A beard benefits you because it prevents you from rubbing it off of your face, not to mention that it keeps cold air away, saving your skin from drying out.

Can Reduce the Chances of Bacterial Infection

Beards are protecting the skin from infections. One of the problems with shaving is that you make small cuts in the skin. Bacteria that naturally live on your face can enter those cuts and that can lead to infections and ingrown hairs. It can also lead to heavier acne.

Makes Men Feel More Attractive and Improves Sexual Life

The last, but non the less an important one! A lot of you would probably agree that one of the reasons for having a beard is because it makes you feel more masculine and confident, isn’t it? A study by German consumer-goods company Braun has proven this point. The study shows that out of 1,000 New York men surveyed, over half of them say they feel more attractive with a beard.

But what about women? Will they find your cool beard attractive? Well don’t worry about that! According to research published in Evolution and Human Behavior , both men and woman perceive the bearded men more masculine. Bravo! Another great reason to stop shaving.

Helps You Save Time

How long do you take shaving your face? 10, 15, 20 minutes. Well our beard care routine at worst takes only 5 minutes and that’s if wash and condition your beard. Generally a comb, application of beard oil or balm and then a brush takes you a few minutes. Imagine what you could do with all that time saved

Easier To Buy Gifts For

Let’s be honest, a beardsman is always going to need some products to keep his beard clean and in check. He will always appreciate even the most basic of beard grooming products and will absolutely love one of our personalised beard gifts.

Having a beard can have a lot of benefits over not having one. It has health benefits and improves your skin, so if you don’t have a beard yet, what are you waiting for? Join the bearded side! See products below!

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