How To Tidy a Messy Beard

Whether you’re going to work, out to town or on a date… tidying up your messy beard can help you look well put together, even if you woke up 15 minutes before. The process is more simple than you think and all it takes is a few necessities, so let’s get straight to it.


Beard balm is a go to product for many, a true, trustworthy sidekick that is well loved for a reason. Balm will essentially help you tame your mane, it will give you that fuller look, making it more manageable to style your messy beard and will allow you to shape it any way you desire. 

Especially if you’re starting your beard journey, we know how irritating your beard can get whether that’s the common beard itch or you have stages where your beard just looks like a complete mess. That’s why it’s important to remember that there are products like balm, to help you tame and control this.

All you need to do is scrape out a pea-sized quantity of balm and lovingly smoothed it onto your palm, work it into your beard from beneath. Then style as required. If your beard is pretty long, you may want to use a little bit more than recommended.


So you woke up with tangles in your hair and your instinct is to grab a hair brush to help tame it down. The same goes for your beard, if it looks messy a beard comb or brush is a vital item you should consider keeping close to you. 

Without stating the obvious, both will brush out and detangle your beard, they are effective in reaching hairs in every level and will help straighten your messy beard.

There are many benefits of using both, here are a few:

Benefits of using a beard comb – a comb is perfect for detangling and styling your hair.

Benefits of using a beard brush – It will help condition your hair by reaching to stray hairs and distributing products evenly.

Which one you choose comes down to preference and the type of beard you have.

Find out more here: What Should I Use: Beard Comb or a Bristle Brush?


Them stray hairs can be a mess, the first thing you want to be doing is trim it to an even length, without taking too much off! The process will get easier the more you practise it and understand what look and goal you’re trying to achieve! 

Learn more on how to trim a beard here.

At the end of the day we all want to be able to manage our messy beards … with these products the process will be easier to help maintain and tidy up that messy beard!

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