Mustache Trends to Watch: What’s In and What’s Out

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Mustaches have long been a symbol of masculinity, style, and self-expression. Over the years, they have evolved, influenced by cultural shifts, fashion trends, and iconic figures. As we step into a new era, it’s time to take a look at what’s hot in the world of mustaches and what styles are fading away. Here’s your guide to the latest mustache trends to watch and those that are making their exit.

What’s In: Modern Mustache Trends

1. The Natural Mustache

Description: The natural mustache embraces the authentic growth of your facial hair, maintaining a look that is both effortless and stylish. It’s about keeping your mustache neat but not overly groomed, allowing for a bit of natural flow and texture.

Why It’s In: The natural look is making a comeback as men lean towards a more relaxed and authentic appearance. It’s easy to maintain and suits various face shapes and lifestyles.

How to Achieve It: Trim regularly to keep the edges neat, but let your mustache grow in its natural pattern. Use a bit of beard oil to keep it soft and manageable.

2. The Chevron

Description: Thick, bold, and unmistakably masculine, the Chevron mustache covers the entire upper lip, making a strong statement.

Why It’s In: The Chevron is a nod to classic styles with a modern twist. It’s popular among men who want to showcase their mustache without it being too flashy.

How to Achieve It: Allow your mustache to grow thick and full. Trim the bottom edge just above the lip to maintain its shape. Regular grooming and conditioning are key.

3. The Handlebar

Description: The Handlebar mustache, characterized by its long, curled ends, is both playful and sophisticated. It requires careful grooming and styling to achieve its signature look.

Why It’s In: This vintage style has been revived by the hipster movement and remains popular due to its unique and eye-catching appearance.

How to Achieve It: Grow your mustache long enough to curl the ends. Use a strong hold mustache wax to twist and shape the curls, maintaining them throughout the day.

4. The Pencil Mustache

Description: Thin, neat, and meticulously groomed, the Pencil mustache sits just above the upper lip, offering a touch of classic elegance.

Why It’s In: The Pencil mustache is perfect for those who prefer a subtle, refined look. It’s making a resurgence due to its vintage charm and association with old Hollywood glamour.

How to Achieve It: Trim your mustache to a thin line, keeping it close to the skin. Regular maintenance is essential to maintain its sharp, precise look.

5. The Beardstache

Description: Combining a full mustache with a short beard, the Beardstache offers a rugged yet polished look. It’s thicker than stubble but not as long as a full beard.

Why It’s In: The Beardstache provides versatility and a balanced appearance, making it a favorite among men who want the best of both worlds.

How to Achieve It: Grow your mustache thick and full while keeping your beard trimmed to a short length. Regular trimming and shaping are essential to maintain the contrast between the mustache and beard.

What’s Out: Mustache Trends Fading Away

1. The Horseshoe

Description: The Horseshoe mustache extends down the sides of the mouth to the jawline, resembling an inverted U.

Why It’s Out: Once popularized by figures like Hulk Hogan, the Horseshoe mustache is now seen as a bit dated and overly bold for contemporary tastes.

2. The Thin Strip

Description: A very thin line of hair running along the upper lip.

Why It’s Out: This style, often associated with teenage attempts at growing facial hair, lacks the sophistication and fullness preferred in modern mustache trends.

3. The Soul Patch Combo

Description: A mustache paired with a small patch of hair just below the lower lip.

Why It’s Out: The Soul Patch has lost favor due to its association with past trends and a preference for more cohesive facial hair styles.

4. The Overly Groomed Mustache

Description: Mustaches that are excessively styled and groomed to the point of looking unnatural.

Why It’s Out: Today’s trends favor a more natural and effortless look. Over-groomed mustaches can appear too contrived and high-maintenance.


As with any fashion trend, mustache styles evolve over time. What’s in today might be out tomorrow, and vice versa. The current trends favor a more natural, authentic look, with classic styles like the Chevron and Handlebar making strong comebacks. Meanwhile, overly dramatic or dated styles are being left behind in favor of more balanced and versatile looks. By staying updated with these trends, you can keep your mustache game strong and stylish. So, embrace these trends and find the mustache style that best complements your personality and look.

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