My Beard Is Itching: Here’s How To Fix It

That feeling you get when your beard is itching and all you want to do is rip it out! You’ll regret it, don’t do it lads. Instead of sitting there itching it, let’s spend time trying to fix it. Read on to find out how …

If you’re starting your beard growth journey, itching is worse right at the beginning. Since you’ve been shaving for a while, it sharpens your hair and makes it prone to itching.

A more common reason for your beard itching is that dead skin and dirt gets trapped in your hair, but these elements are unfortunately out of your control. Wait. Before you think of shaving it off, these following tips will save your mane!


We can’t stress this enough, using normal shampoo on your beard will strip away your hairs natural oils, where as beard shampoo is developed to preserve it. In return, it will help your mane stay well moisturised and in top condition. You should treat washing your beard as a form of self care!

As well as helping to get rid of that horrible beard itching phase, beard wash comes with many benefits. It will clean your beard, allowing it to smell nice and helping it to get rid of any dirt and dust (and FOOD) trapped!

It will also give it that fundamental base to start styling and shaping it in whichever way you prefer! Here’s how to wash your beard …


As you all may know, Beard wash isn’t complete without beard conditioner. When you condition your beard, it will scale up that good feeling in your mane that you’ve worked so hard to grow. It will essentially hydrate and soften your beard, stopping it from becoming dry.

A dry beard leads to that itching phase that we all seem to dread, so it’s vital that you condition your beard to help it stay hydrated and moisturised.

Here’s how to condition your beard …


After beard wash and conditioner has worked it’s wonders, it’s important to keep your beard hydrated throughout the day with the one & only, beard oil. Beard oil is a classic and favourite product for many. It’s the key to avoid your beard from itching.

Beard oil will soften, hydrate and prevent your beard from becoming dry and thus, stop it from itching.  

Don’t forget that brushing your beard will allow the oil to be distributed throughout, reaching every hair follicle! A great way to ensure you’re making the most out of your product.

Here’s how to hydrate your mane …

So there you have it, before you jump to conclusions and slowly aim for your razor … STOP. Taking control of your itching beard is easier than you thought right? With the correct products and routine, you’ll be able to eliminate that annoyance once and for all.

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