The 9 Best Mustache Waxes for Men in 2022

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Clubman Mustache Wax

For just $5, give your mustache a bit of old-school style with this classic formula and old-time barbershop packaging design — hey, it’s got to look stylish on your bathroom counter, right?

Beardbrand Tree Ranger Mustache Wax

Keep your facial hair in shape on the go with this handy, pocket-sized mustache wax from Beardbrand — a brand that knows a thing or two about beard care.

Proraso Wood and Spice Mustache Wax

Maybe you distinctly remember your father or grandfather’s favorite scent, and maybe even what he used to treat his beard with. You can add a bit of that throwback cool to your own facial hair with this retro-inspired wood and spice mustache wax from a classic brand. 

Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax

Put ‘em up, partner —your mustache will be in fighting shape with this strong-hold mustache wax in a neat-looking tin. 

Mountaineer Brand Extra Firm Mustache Wax

Suavecito Mustache Wax

We’re totally on board with the made-in-the-USA craftsmanship that goes into this mustache wax, which is also formulated to provide your facial hair with an all-day hold. It comes in scents like Original and Whiskey. 

Death Grip All-Natural Mustache Wax 

With a name like that, how can you not count on this epically-crafted mustache wax to keep your ‘do in sharp form?’ It’s perfect for adding some flair to your facial hair.

Badger Mustache Wax

Taking care of your face has got to be good for your skin as well as your facial hair, and that’s why we love Beaver’s approach to natural, organic ingredients in this well-appointed mustache wax. You can grab one for $10 or a two-pack for $17.

What to Consider Before Buying a Mustache Wax

When weighing your options for buying a mustache wax, there are a few things to consider:

  • Hold strength: You want to decipher how much hold you need, and choose accordingly. For longer mustaches or those with coarser facial hair, a stronger hold is necessary. For guys with finer face hair, a light hold will work just fine. If you’re looking to curl your mustache tips into tendrils, however, you’ll need maximum-strength hold.
  • Scent: Whether a wax exudes a strong scent or a mild one, you’ll want to choose something you can live with on an everyday basis. With the scent literally right under your nose, you’ll want something that doesn’t smell so intensely that it overwhelms the scent of your homemade lunch.
  • Quality of ingredients: As with every facial hair product, quality is key. Make sure you’re getting a wax that boasts more than just shaping power. Your ‘stache looks only as good as its health allows it to be.
  • Color: Believe it or not, some mustache waxes provide color to help get gray hairs out of the picture. Make sure you’re aware of what your wax is made of and how it’s going to affect your hair.

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